About Us

Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson, P.A. is a corporate and commercial law firm committed to providing each client with comprehensive legal services of the highest quality. For more than fifty years, we have provided innovative solutions to our clients' business needs from both a legal and practical perspective. The firm has a wide-ranging business practice and serves as counsel to public and closely held enterprises operating in domestic and foreign markets, individuals, municipal, county and state agencies, public utilities, health care institutions, financial institutions, tax-exempt organizations, and investment funds of various types. The breadth of experience derived from these representations has equipped our firm to anticipate and respond to the rapid changes that define today's business environment.

We believe in maintaining a client-oriented, results-oriented firm. Because we want our lawyers to focus on solving problems and completing projects, our compensation system is not based on individual lawyers' billable hours and origination credits, nor do we establish sub-groups as profit centers. Since no lawyer has a direct financial interest in any particular matter, the client can be assured that the sole focus in staffing projects is determining which lawyers are best suited to handle the project successfully on a cost-efficient basis. Another notable characteristic is the quality of lawyers who make up our firm. We attract and hire lawyers with exceptional academic achievements and practical, problem-solving skills, and our success in retention — keeping those lawyers with us for the long term — is outstanding. Our ability to deliver excellent service efficiently is based on talent, experience and teamwork.

Our core ideals are professionalism (putting the client's interests first), excellence (holding ourselves to very high standards for the quality of our work), and teamwork (encompassing both the "one-firm" approach to professional activities and the cultivation of mutually supportive personal relationships within the firm). We seek to establish, maintain and communicate an inclusive work environment in which people of all backgrounds, outlooks and interests can share a commitment to these ideals.